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Strongwood Drums offers a variety of cymbals for every level of drummer. Starting from the top, Bosphorus Cymbals are handmade in Istanbul, Turkey, and represent the finest in craftsmanship and sonic excellence. Bosphorus offers many lines of cymbals including crash cymbals, ride cymbals, hi hats, splashes, china cymbals and more. Bosphorus Turkish, Antique, Traditional, Gold, and Master series are just some of the top line offerings for the most discerning drummers around. Strongwood Drums offers great pricing on Bosphorus; check back often for Bosphorus sales. For the intermediate and value-conscious drummer, Strongwood Brass Series cymbals represent the ultimate marriage of quality and value. Made of a custom brass alloy, the Brass series are hammered and lathed- the type of construction usually found only in the most expensive cymbals. These cymbals provide excellent sound at a great price, and are available in multi-packs for extra value. Last but not least, Strongwood Alloy Series cymbals offer musical sound and high quality at a bargain price. Designed for student and beginner drummers, Alloy Series cymbals provide true feel, good tone, and lasting quality at an unbeatable price. For learning drummers or any drummer on a budget, the Alloy series outperforms any other cymbal at their price level.